Mark Conley lives in Raymond with his wife, Lisa, and their two boys. Mark and Lisa can often be found running around to their sons’ many sporting activities and encouraging the boys from the sidelines—An avid sports fan himself (fan of all the England Teams!), Mark has even coached many of his sons’ teams through the years.




Occupation:     Heating and Cooling Specialist

Education:       Maine Maritime Academy



International Ground Source Heat Pump Accredited Installer (Geothermal Systems)

Propane and Natural Gas Technician

Oil and Solid Fuel Board

CFC Universal Refrigerant CertificationLicensed Solar installer

Factory Trained, Closed Loop, Fusion Certified



Geothermal Piping Design Training through WaterFurnace International

Triangle Tube Installation Training

Water Energy (Geothermal Installation)



US Green Building Council

International Ground Source Heat Pump Association

Efficiency Maine Qualified Partner